A space for recharge

SLEEEP is the first licensed capsule hotel in Hong Kong. This place, however, is not a response to the needs of tourists seeking an affordable accommodation in the downtown, but to the dream of Hong Kong citizens about a space where they can have a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and carelessly fall asleep. Here you pay for peace and quiet per hour.

Alex Kot and Jun Rivers, the founders of Space is Ltd. that stands behinds the SLEEEP capsule hotel, are perfectly aware that the realities of living in Hong Kong are everything but relax-oriented. Many people living in Hong Kong are overworked, sleep-deprived and every day suffers from the lack of space.

Their response to this problem – and their idea for doing a business – is a tiny hotel located in the heart of the city and equipped with eight capsules that can be booked for one or couple of hours.

SLEEEP’s a space somewhere between the home and work that promises a respite from always-on city. It’s a sanctuary for people to relax and recharge. A breathing space within a suffocating environment.

The SLEEEP experience is centered on the capsule named SLPer. Every single detail in this place, including rounded corners, wood lining, magnetic curtains that provide privacy with a lock system from the inside, indirect circadian LED lighting, air supply, and climate control, is designed to deliver quality sleep.

There are no windows inside. The attentively placed eclipse lighting provides the necessary amount of lighting for customers to navigate through space yet still maintaining the tranquil mood.

Aside from the guests themselves, laptops and mobile devices can also be recharged at convenient charging ports available throughout the space. SLEEEP X.O.s (Experience Officers) are always available physically or virtually to provide further assistance.

Hourly bookings are available daily from noon to 11 pm. The price for one hour stay is HK$ 149 (around US$ 19). 12 hours stay costs HK$ 499. Most clients choose the 4-hours option that costs HK$ 299 (around US$ 38).

Overnight bookings are also possible. If you want to make it your temporary home for a night (HK$ 599-799) or two weeks, you are also very welcome (but then do not complain about the high rotation of guests). You will find here a locker for all your bags and belongings.

SLEEEP’s founders pay a lot of attention to the entire user experience. Upon booking on its website for either an hourly or overnight stay, guests are able to pick their preferred mattress firmness, pillow type, and blanket thickness. The paperless check-in and out process is a simple, as a cardless key (a QR code) is sent to guest’s smartphone.

SLEEEP is one of the recipients of the Silver Awards at 2017 DFA Awards competition. The DFA Awards exhibition organised within Design Inspire fair was a concurrent event to Business Of Design Week conference and many other design-oriented events that run in Hong Kong at the beginning of December 2017.

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