The mobile advertising space at the front of my all-in-one suitcase-tripod-billboard-scooter is for rent! Promote your company among designers, people from start-ups and entrepreneurs who I meet at fairs, festivals and conferences about design and new tech that run around the world. Photo by Jacek Poremba

My name is Michał Mazur, I am a nomad. Every year I visit more than twenty fairs, festivals and conferences devoted to design, consumer electronics and new technology. January means to me a flight to Las Vegas for the CES fairs, and in December I’m ready for a journey to Paris for the LeWeb conference about new online businesses.

Throughout other months I search for emerging trends at the biggest international design weeks organised in London, Milan, New York and Singapore. I also have a keen interest in fantastic local events such as Design Days Dubai, DMY Berlin, Dutch Design Week, Łodź Design Festival and Tokyo Design Week just to name a few. I never hesitate to mark new events in my calendar. I am always on the go.

Before I started blogging I had been a managing editor of Polish printed design magazine ″Futu″. You can find my portfolio on Behance. Earlier I was a trader at an interior design studio. I also have marketing and copywriting skills learned during my work for several advertising and public relations agencies in Warsaw, Poland.

I am a master of Economics, I also graduated postgraduate studies on Trend Forecasting in Fashion and Design, as well as Design History and Criticism. You can find more details about my education and career path on my LinkedIn profile.

On I publish the news about my most exciting discoveries. I write exclusively about projects, people and ideas that I meet on my trend watching journeys. If you are curious of the backstage of my work, please follow me on Instagram. It’s not a secret that I’m addicted to my camera and taking photos.