Delivery from the forest

Wood carving is a simple, relaxing activity. However, beginners need basic knowledge about the material itself and its processing as well as the ability to use sharp tools. Those who speak Swedish, an adventure with their new “offline hobby” can start in a Scandinavian online store.

Trends: DIY, monotasking, calming down, handmade, simple activity, ready-to-use, convenience, tutorial, online shopping, offline time.

Instead of making a visit to the tool shop for knives, sandpaper and oils (and a journey to the forest for wood), one of the kits from the Swedish Täljogram* brand can be ordered online.

The kit contains everything you need to start carving – pieces of wood (depending on the chosen variant, dry or fresh**), tools, and, just in case, a sticking plaster. A book “Täljboken”, from which step by step you can learn the basics of wood carving, is also available.

* Currently, the site is only available in Swedish.
** Pieces of fresh wood from the Swedish forest are vacuum-packed. The founders of Täljogram recommend that the wood should be stored in a wine refrigerator or in a regular kitchen fridge.


I discovered Täljogram and its products at Formex 2018 fair which run at the end of August in Stockholm. Photographs of nearly 20 other projects that I found at Formex can be viewed on Instagram: #TrendNomadFormex2018. All pictures were taken by me, they are protected by copyrights. Please contact me if you want to use them in your work.


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