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Good news for busy pet owners who would like to keep their domestic cats and dogs more entertained and happy, but they must stay in the office or are constantly on the go: the Petcube Camera allows to watch remotely pets and even play with them, regardless the distance. 

The Petcube Camera is a sleek, wide-angle, Wi-Fi-enabled camera with real-time HD video that is controlled through Petcube’s mobile apps. Using Petcube Camera, dogs and cats owners can not only see what their pets are up to, but they can hear and speak to them through a built-in microphone and a speaker.

One of the most important thing here is that a pet owner can play with and exercise their pets on a distance. It is possible via remote controlling the certified and safe laser pointer built-in into the device. As probably everybody knows, pets love laser games.

Using Petcube Camera pet owners are able to have peace of mind when leaving their pet alone at home.

For the better understanding how the Petcube Camera does work, you can watch the video interview that I conducted with Andrey Klen, chief operating officer of Petcube.

Pet owners can take pictures of their pets through the Petcube Camera and post them directly to social medias. They can also share access to their camera with friends, family and the community under three separate privacy levels.

But the coolest idea of this device is that the Petcube App (you can download it for free: iOSAndroid) lets everybody (even those who don’t have their pet neither Petcube Camera yet) watch, talk and play with pets from all over the world. The company is committed to helping shelters and rescue groups save animals and find them new loving homes. You can play with shelter cats and dogs from your smartphone anytime you want, and if you fell in love with one of a pet in need, you can always contact the shelter and adopt your little friend in reality.


Petcube Camera was funded on Kickstarter in 2013. During the crowdfunding campaign as much as $251,000 – the goal was $100,000 – were collected. First Petcube Cameras were delivered to Kickstarter backers and early customers in December 2014. In 2015, Petcube entered the biggest retail chains in North America and expanded to retail stores in the EU.

Petcube Camera IFA credits Trend Nomad
Andrey Klen, chief operating officer of Petcube, who I met at IFA 2015 fairs in Berlin. Photo by Trend Nomad

The company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in Kyiv, Ukraine and manufacturing in Shenzhen, China. If you have any questions according to Petcube Camera, please contact Andrey Klen, the COO of Petcube at

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