Graphic design and the forest

Visitors of DesignMarch, a design festival that was held in Reykjavik in mid-March, could enjoy two Polish exhibitions. The first one was a collection of graphic design projects created in specific locations in Poland, and the second one was a review of prototypes of nest boxes intended for small animals living in the cities.

Agata Szydłowska, the curator of the exhibition “Places of Origin: Polish Graphic Design in Context” collected graphic design projects, as well as stories from their authors, documents and pictures, to tell Icelandic audience about complex relations of selected designs with places of their origin or inspiration, which could be a Polish city, a particular street, a housing block, door or a signboard.

Visitors had the opportunity to learn, for example, how concrete architecture can influence typeface design, as well as how traditional textile-making can be linked to avant-garde painting and contemporary football rivalries. Watch the video interview embedded below to see examples of Polish graphic design. Unfortunately, the video is available only in the Polish language. I hope I will manage to add English subtitles in the future.

The second exhibition “The City and the Forest” curated by Ewa Solarz included nine prototypes of nesting boxes designed by Polish authors for birds (swifts, sparrows, titmice and great titmice), mammals (hedgehogs and bats) and insects living in the cities. Most of the exhibited objects were created especially for the Icelandic exhibition. Through all of them speaks a desire to reconcile the life in the city with being close to nature.

Authors of projects of nesting boxes based their ideas on their experience (attempts to fight with the thermo-modernization of buildings that deprives birds of their shelters are among them) as well as on consultations with experts from Ussuri company and a wildlife society Towarzystwo Przyrodnicze Bocian, who are professionally engaged in protecting wild animals and providing them with adequate shelter. Press play and watch the video interview to see most of the projects that were shown at the exhibition. I regret to say that the video is available only in the Polish language.

The exhibition “Places of Origin: Polish Graphic Design in Context” was organized by as a part of its program to promote Polish design worldwide. The exhibition “The City and the Forest” was organized by WILK Open Cluster of Design and was co-financed by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland and supported by the Polish Institute in Stockholm.

If you have any questions regarding “Places of Origin: Polish Graphic Design in Context” exhibition, please contact Agata Szydłowska and the team of All requests about the “The City and the Forest” exhibition may be sent to Ewa Solarz.

Main photo by Kosmos Project

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