In architecture we trust – pictures from Venice

The Vatican participated in the Venice Architecture Biennale for the first time. Here is a photo report presenting eleven chapels created as a result of the cooperation of the Holy See with well-known architects and brands. In fact, this story is also about how to make good marketing today.

Venice Architecture Biennale 2018 runs until November 25. All pictures presented in this feature I took by myself and they are covered by copyrights. Please contact me if you want to use them in your work.


1. Andrew Berman


2. Francesco Cellini


3. Javier Corvalan


4. Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats


5. Norman Foster


6. Terunobu Fujimori


7. Sean Godsell


8. Carla Juacaba


9. Smiljan Radic


10. Eduardo Souto de Moura


11. Francesco Magnani and Traudy Pelzel


Companies, architects and other people involved in Vatican Chapels project


To find more pictures from Venice Architecture Biennale 2018, please visit Instagram:  #TrendNomadVeniceArchitechtureBiennale2018. Each post contains slides with explanatory text.

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