Medicine in the world of GAFA

„Physicians will be replaced by expert systems such as Watson from IBM able to treat complex problems in seconds. Physicians would need years of analysis” – said doctor Laurent Alexandre.

Doctor Laurent Alexandre during his speech at LeWeb conference gathering each year in Paris many representatives of new technology industry argued that IT specialists are physicians of not distant future. In my opinion, his speech was one of the most interesting expositions during the latest LeWeb. I strongly encourage you to watch the entire record of his speech, the movie lasts 20 minutes. For those who prefer to review quickly doctors ideas, I put quotations below together with pictures taken during the lecture.

At the beginning of the speech French-speaker kindly apologized for his basic level of English proficiency. I tried to keep the original version of the speech, thereby quotations you can find below are not always written in correct English. I hope that doctors vast knowledge across various fields of science fully compensates you any lingual imperfections.

Laurent Alexandre LeWeb IT Neurosciences credits Trend Nomad

„Healthcare system is going to change very quickly in the following years. You are IT guys – tomorrow you will become biohackers and neurohackers. IT will become neuromanipulation and medicine will become IT. IT and neurosciences are going to merge. It will be a total convergence”.

Laurent Alexandre LeWeb NBIC credits Trend Nomad

„NBIC technologies – nanotechnology, biotechnology, informatics and cognitive science – are converging into one gigantic universe that will dramatically change medicine”.

Laurent Alexandre LeWeb 3 technological waves

„In the medicine we will have three technological waves. Now we face the first one: electronic devices can be placed in our brain, heart, retina, limbs and so on. The second wave is about bioengineering and changing our DNA and cells. The cost of DNA sequencing is decreasing very quickly: the first DNA sequencing cost three bln dollars, today the price is about one thou. dollars. The third wave is nanomedicine, a medicine at a scale of a nanometer. The agenda is quite clear: today is the time of democratization of DNA sequencing, in 2020 stem cells and genetic manipulation will become common, and about 2025 nanomedicine will become mainstream”.

Laurent Alexandre LeWeb Physicians and data deluge credits Trend Nomad

„Physicians don’t understand this shock, but this is a true revolution. Good revolution or not, we will see. Physicians will face data deluge. Brain analysis, DNA sequencing, medical devices connected to the Internet, will create a lot of data. Biological analysis of a tumor of one patient generates about 20 thou. bln bytes. It will be very complex to organize this amount of data. But Moore’s law is still alive”.

Laurent Alexandre LeWeb Watsonisation of medicine credits Trend Nomad

„Physicians will be replaced by expert systems such as Watson from IBM able to treat a complex problems in seconds. Physicians would need years of analysis”.

Laurent Alexandre LeWeb Physicians are not geeks Trend Nomad

„The problem is that physicians are not geeks. An average age of medical doctors is very high. It is not a data-driven culture, medicine is a very conservative universe. Physicians will lose medical power because they can not manage data, they do not understand data mining and big data. Physicians will become nurses of 2030”.

Laurent Alexandre LeWeb Economic value migration credits Trend Nomad

„The economic value of medicine will change. There will be a migration from drug care to algorithms, data mining, and big data”.

Laurent Alexandre LeWeb WhatsApp Peugeot credits Trend Nomad

„We can already see it elsewhere. WhatsApp: 5 years, 55 workers, 22 bln dollars. Peugeot: 100 years, 100 thou. workers, 10 bln dollars. Algorithms catch the economic value”.

Laurent Alexandre LeWeb GAFA credits Trend Nomad

„It will lead to the power of new players, mostly from GAFA – Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon – and mainly Google and Apple in healthcare”.

Laurent Alexandre LeWeb Transhumanism credits Trend Nomad

„Transhumanism – it is a true revolution. Physicians are not transhumanists, but new players like Google are. A lot of people working at Google are involved in transhumanism movement”.

Laurent Alexandre LeWeb To kill the death credits Trend Nomad

„They want to kill the death. Google wants to increase our live expectancy with new ventures, especially with Calico. Ray Kurzweil believes that the first human who will live one thousand years is alive on Earth”.

Laurent Alexandre LeWeb Neurons transistors credits Trend Nomad

„Our neurons are very old, and they change very slowly, but transistors change very quickly”.

Laurent Alexandre LeWeb Ray Kurzweil credits Trend Nomad

„In the opinion of Ray Kurzweil in 30 years the artificial intelligence will be one billion times more powerful than all human brains. Kurzweil thinks that we will use nanorobots to connect our brains to the internet in 20 years”.

Laurent Alexandre LeWeb Bill Gates credits Trend Nomad

„Bill Gates said that by 2035 automates will replace many workers, even nurses”.

Laurent Alexandre LeWeb Google credits Trend Nomad

„Some governments in Europe want to dismantle Google. I think it would be a terrible mistake for healthcare. The system needs a new player that can break bureaucratic rules and improve the quality of care”.

Laurent Alexandre LeWeb Will money survive credits Trend Nomad

„Will money survive in NBIC civilization? Will money survive the artificial intelligence? I’m not sure”.

Laurent Alexandre LeWeb Physicians of 2030 credits Trend Nomad

„I’m sure only about one point. You IT guys will be the physicians of 2030”.

Laurent Alexandre LeWeb Contact details credits Trend Nomad

If you have any questions concerning the speech you can contact Dr Laurent Alexandre directly: or via Twitter: @dr_l_alexandre.

Laurent Alexandre – surgeon and neurobiologist. He also graduated from Sciences Po, HEC and ENA. Founder and the developer of and more than ten hi-tech companies. He manages DNAVision specialized in genome interpretation. Author of several books including „La mort de la mort”, „La défaite du cancer” and „Google démocratie”.

LeWeb is an internationally-renowned conference for digital innovation where visionaries, startups, tech companies and brands converge to explore hottest trends and define the future of internet-driven business. The latest edition of the Parisian event was held from 9th to 11th of December 2014.

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