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The projected increase in the number of travellers means a chance of business growth not only for airlines, airports and accommodation agents. The profitable challenge for designers and manufacturers will be designing and selling products intended for nomads.

According to the report „Future Traveller Tribes 2030: Understanding Tomorrow’s Traveller” prepared by the consumer trends agency Future Foundation and commissioned by Amadeus: „By 2030, there will be an extra billion people in the world, of which 20 percent will be travelling. (…) Boeing forecasts that there will be a 5 percent annual increase in passenger traffic from 2015. The global passenger and freighter fleet will double. (…) Boeing puts the share of total air traffic carried by European and North American airlines at just 38 percent by 2033. (…) The fastest growing markets will be APAC, LATAM and Africa”. If you are interested in more details, you can download the full report here. I can also recommend you reading the report written by experts working for Boeing.

Due to a significant increase in the scale of passenger traffic, it is not difficult to imagine the growing demand for compact and mobile goods, preferably ones that effortlessly decrease their volume. Ready-to-assemble goods packed into flat packs is nothing new, but so far the main factor determining this approach was the need to cut the cost of warehousing and logistics. Founder of the brand Veeshoo turned this relationship upside down. He gives the example of a manager and a designer who not only carefully observes megatrends, but also can translate his creativity into a small business model and effectively exchange it for cash.

Veeshoo shoes are packed into full-size boxes. The primary benefit of decreasing the volume of the product reveals neither before the purchase nor on the way from a store to the client’s home. You will appreciate the smart design when you travel from one place to another quite often and struggle with the volume and weight limits of a hand luggage imposed by airlines.

Veeshoo Tokyo Designers Week credits Trend Nomad
Veeshoo shoes shown at Tokyo Designers Week contained parts made of Japanese wool. The collection was created in collaboration with Takumi Nakaden company. Photography: Trend Nomad

When you undo the zipper crossing the heel counter and running almost the entire perimeter of the sole, the upper part of the shoe can be folded flat. Then you can wrap up your shoes with the included case. In the result, a „compressed” pair needs as little space as possible in a suitcase.

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There are many models of Veeshoo shoes – from sports to business versions. All can be folded flat and carry on a hand luggage. Veeshoo needs about 50 percent less space comparing to a standard pair. Roughly the same as flip flops.

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Besides to the main feature of the product, brand representatives also emphasize the place and method of production. Veeshoo are handmade in Italy by local craftsmen whose knowledge is passed from generation to generation.

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As you can see after the date of publication of Instagram photos, Veeshoo brand is not very new – it was established in 2011. The reason I publish this post is the preview of just emerging, and even more interesting shoe brand created by the same person. Let me introduce you the Shooz brand.

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Shooz is the next step in the evolution of flat-folding shoes. In the updated version, an upper layer of the shoe and a sole are two independent parts. In the case of Veeshoo, two halves of a shoe could not be separated.

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In the case of Shooz, you can choose from three different models of soles – urban, running and classic – and match them with the skin you like. Within a given size, each sole may be combined with each skin.

The main advantage of wearing Shooz when you travel is that you can pack several shoe skins in your carry-on luggage – they need as little space as a T-shirt. There is no need to take another pair of soles, the pair that you wear is enough.

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Depending on the time of the day or the character of the place to which you go to, you can match the sole with a skin that suits the occasion. In addition to saving space in your luggage, it could also mean a relief for your credit card. Instead of purchasing a complete pair of shoes, you can buy from time to time a new top or bottom modules and combine them with elements you already have.

If you are a frequent flyer and you think Shooz is something for you, soon you will have a chance to place an order on Kickstarter. I will announce the start of the crowdfunding campaign on Trend Nomad fan page.

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The founder of Veeshoo and Shooz brands is Edoardo Iannuzzi, Italian born in Rome in 1987. I met him in Japan at Tokyo Designers Week Festival, which was held in late October and beginning of November 2014. Edoardo graduated Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano. Before he established his company, he worked in design studios of Denis Santachiara in Milan and Karim Rashid in New York. In 2011, he registered his first international patent for the system of closure for travel shoes. If you have any questions concerning Shooz or Veeshoo, please send him an email: You can also follow his Twitter account.

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