Sefl-inflating lamp

Almost everyone is talking about self-driving cars (they look self-confident as well), it is the hot thing right now. But has anyone heard of self-inflating, cowardly lamp?

As soon as the Moti lamp is switched on it starts inflating itself. The floppy lampshade becomes a radiant sphere. When the environment is quiet and peaceful Moti blows up slowly, a more active setting results in a more expressive behavior. It looks spectacular, but this is not the end of the show. A sudden noise makes slow breathing Moti lamp tremble. But who would like to startle such adorable yet cowardly creature?

Moti set Toer

Moti is available in three options: a tall and low floor lamp and a wall model that can be hung vertically. Legs are made of beech wood, and shade is made of high-density polyethylene. The maximum energy consumption is 15 watts including the LED light source.

Cumulus Parasol Toer animation

The Moti lamp is one of the latest work designed by Studio Toer. One year older but equally compelling project is Cumulus Parasol. Whenever the sun starts shining the parasol inflates automatically to a cloud shape in about 20 seconds using a fan powered by electricity generated by a solar panel installed on the top of Cumulus. When the sun goes away, the Cumulus deflates automatically. Obviously it can be switched off by pressing a button.

The inflated Cumulus has a diameter of two meters. Despite the fact that the parasol does not have any metal core structure, it can withstand the windy weather. The curved shape of the inflated cloud is aerodynamic, and the nylon surface of the Cumulus is durable, lightweight and strong.

Castor Bours Toer credits Trend Nomad
Castor Bours; photography: Trend Nomad

Toer is a design studio established in 2011 by Castor Bours and Wouter Widdershoven and based in the center of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Castor has a background in arts and design, he graduated Design Academy Eindhoven. Wouter specializes in interaction design and communication design, he graduated Industrial Design TU/e.

I found Moti lamps and Cumulus Parasol on „Moving design” exhibition on Ventura Lambrate during the Milan Design Week (14–19th of April 2015). If you have any question, please contact Castor Bours:, who I met at the venue in Milan.

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