Trends in technology – photos from IFA 2018

Artificial intelligence, image recognition, step-by-step instructions, natural materials and relax – these are the trends that were visible at this year’s IFA consumer technology fair in Berlin.

Observations from IFA:
– AI: the term “smart” gives way to “artificial intelligence”,
– step by step: home equipment gives us precise, step-by-step instructions on how we should perform different tasks (for example, how to do the laundry or prepare a dish tailored to our diet and training plan),
– image recognition: the fridge recognizes the food put into it and suggests where the given fruit or vegetable will keep its freshness for the longest (the device also suggests what should be taken out of it), and the oven automatically selects the cooking program for the recognized food,
– virtual assistants: chatbot scans our bank account and credit cards to give us numerous – smaller and bigger – financial advice (including discouraging us to spend money on another “Starbucks coffee”),
– vacuuming: instead of caffeine, we drink a home-made fruit and vegetable cocktail prepared in a vacuum blender (no oxidation),  packed into a reusable vacuum cup for take-away,
– fermentation: if we like beer or wine, we will love homemade alcohol prepared in the fermentation box built into the fridge,
– styling: black is new black, electronics are covered with fabric or leather, mass personalization is more available,
– best news: we sleep a lot and have plenty of time to meditate (hooray!).
Here are the proofs.


1. Artificial intelligence (AI).


2. Image recognition (more specifically: food recognition by an oven and refrigerator).


3. Recipes explained step by step and diet recommendations calculated on the basis of data gathered from training devices and smartwatches.


4. Product news: the fridge with fermentation chamber and vacuum blenders.


5. Rest, meditation, sleep.


6. Styling.


All pictures were taken by me, they are protected by copyrights. Please contact me if you want to use them in your work.

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