Greetings from one design fan to another! I am glad you are here.

If you create design exhibitions you are proud of and need high-quality photography that reflects your dedication, I can help.

My name is Michał Mazur. I photograph design exhibitions. Trade fairs, galleries, museums, and retail spaces, are the locations where I do my job.

Working with me is simple and easy: you organise a design exhibition, and I photograph it. After the shooting, I will edit the material, precisely retouch it and deliver you digital still pictures ready for publishing. I work solo, and I use my equipment.

Why me? Before switching to photography, for almost a decade I had been a journalist and a trend watcher focused on design – I conceived my nickname Trend Nomad back then. I have visited thousands of design exhibitions in many places around the world. Knowledge about photography is one thing, and understanding design is another. I fancy both fields.

My images circulate in media such as Sight Unseen and Wallpaper. As an ex-editor of a design magazine, I understand what journalists need.

Are we a good match? We are going to gel if:
– You adore design, and what you do is more than a profession.
– Your brand, products and exhibitions are about quality, not quantity.

– You know I am not the cheapest option, nor the most expensive, but the one to deliver the best value for your budget.
– You prefer to licence 10 well-retouched pictures than 50 fast photographs.
– You insist on trust, mutual respect and honesty in your business relationships.

I am a nomadic full-time solopreneur. My business is registered in the European Union.

I would love to photograph your exhibition. Let’s tango.

Always happy to hear from you,
Michał Mazur (Trend Nomad)

+48 605 421 271

PS This is me, enjoying one of the projects at Dutch Design Week:
Eigengrau, Manifestations / Dutch Design Week 2021
Eigengrau, Manifestations / Dutch Design Week 2021